ITR made easy with H&R Block

The end of financial year and the accountants are busy working hard day and night, with the financial figures. As April arrives, we, the salaried class, receive the Form 16 from the employer reminding us to pay our tax religiously by 30th June. But most of them have a lot of confusion or misinterpretation on the savings in each category say 80D, 80DD, bank interests, other sources of income such as rent, or any kind of loans for rebate. When the Form 16 is issued, we must ensure that all the savings made during the financial year are being reflected or if anything has been missed it should be entered while filing ITR returns. 

Most of the folks, be it salaried or business, do not realise the importance of filing the tax returns and ignore whilst it is our duty to duly file before the last date. It is not just about filing for tax withheld, filing on time helps us in applying bank loans of all kinds not just the housing loan. Also, tax filing on time has been much appreciated by other countries. When we apply for work visas, it indicates a positive note on the visa application and most information is shared amongst all the countries. 

While filing for Income Tax Return, we are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information we provide to the IT Department. Any false information or unknowing incorrect information would land us in trouble. IT Dept had launched the website few years ago providing all the useful FAQs and online lodgement of returns is much easier now. If you still don't understand the flow of filing the tax, the best way is to approach a trustworthy tax consultant such as H&R Block who provide online service and would do it on your behalf hassle free. It would save your time commuting to tax office or consultant.

"A fine is a tax for doing something wrong. A tax is a fine for doing something right." ~Author Unknown

I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." ~ Confucius. 

In my mother tongue, Kannada, there is a popular proverb - "Desha noDu, kosha oodu (Read the book and see the world)". Most of us travel based on where work takes us and many travel for the love of it and are born wanderers. Travel broadens the mind and provides us an opportunity to explore new places within the home country or a different one or even an entirely different continent. Meet local folks with the different cultural background, try new food or even learn a new language. Traveling is not so easy as we think seeing so many updates on Facebook or twitter. It does require a lot of planning and looking up on the internet, reading reviews and so on.

I wish to visit Goa over and again for its beautiful sun kissed beaches and for the love of beaches. I would first book my to and fro tickets by flight and there is a huge list of Airlines to Goa. I would first book a flight and hotel based on my budget covering both North and South Goa. Subsequently, I would also start packing clothes for beaches and adventures, sunscreen, shoes and slippers, camera with lenses, book to read while on flight and loads of cash and less jewellery as much as possible. I would try to keep my baggage as light as possible. On the travel day, I would board an AC Volvo bus to airport that reaches in a hour.

I have made a list of beaches to visit and the huge list of activities that should not be missed at any cost!
North Goa: I would cover the beaches as much as possible. Calangute beach, one of the most popular beaches in Goa, Baga beach, Anjuna beach, Vagator beach and Aguada beach for its fort. And not to forget the famous Arambol beach.
South Goa: Palolem beach and Agonda beach.
Se Cathedral, Ruins of the Church of St. Augustine, Church of Mae de Deus (Saligao) to name a few.

Water sports:
Goa is a land of adventures or rather say home for adventures. If you visit any beach, you would find a plenty of water sports which anyone should never miss. If you could swim or not, does not matter, but you always always give a try. I would definitely go for scuba diving, my all time favourite, river rafting, water scooter and parasailing. I would float on the sea after a good swim for relaxation.

I love long walks or rather say photowalk, capturing the life of the city with my DSLR camera and iPhone. I would definitely walk through the streets of Panjim or any city for that matter. Walking is better than driving a moped. During my walks, I get to explore the city better by talking to the locals, than what google maps offers.

How could a woman not shop wherever she goes? I would definitely go out for window shopping if not spending at Mapusa and at Anjuna and get home some souvenirs and good wine.

Last but not the least, what's the purpose of visiting Goa without trying your luck at a Casino and hoping to win handsome money. Visit a Casino, win and lose but be happy. :) Also, did I forget to mention the bars and restaurant, you would find a plenty of them round.

So that's my hassle free well planned trip and hope to be back with loads of travel stories!

Get ready for Datsun redi-GO!

Long drive is the most luxurious hobby that most of us enjoy. It is important to enjoy the drive, be it the driver or the passengers on board. There have been so many car brands on the market these days that picking a right one is such a tedious and time consuming process. Considering the plight of the roads, where you find more cars than the roads, it really makes it hard for a passionate driver to get the car out from the garage. To tackle all the problems that most of us face on day to day basis, Datsun has introduced red-GO fulfilling the dreams of most car buyers. If you are unaware of what Datsun is, let me tell you, its parent company is the renowned brand Nissan and are well known for their Japanese technology. Thus, Datsun brings us India's first ever Urban Cross loaded with fun, freedom, confidence and what not. 

What I liked the most about this car? Hmmm, well, here are the top three factors that top the list:

1. Modern Design Interior with the Yukan Design.
The Yukan Design focuses on
Lean & dynamic side character lines.
Modern yet functional driver oriented feel. Accentuated by sophisticated dark & light Gereige coordination.
Stylish, sporty, and practical instrument panel.
The touch of silver adds a premium appeal.

Well, I loved the look and feel, the design of the car. As they promised, they exterior is sleek and compact.
D-Cut Grille speaks of its high quality, the chrome bezel and subtle honeycomb pattern frame the Datsun badge - I love such designs. High Stance which provides a wider view of the roads and surroundings while you drive. Best in class ground clearance which is most important feature for the Indian roads so that you don't hear a "thud" noise when you encounter a speed breaker!
Comes with elongated projected head lamps and the stylish tail lamp design.

2. Interior 
The interior looks very classy and stylish. It is spacious with the modern dash layout, has a sporty fabric for the seat, an audio system which plays radio, cd, mp3, aux in. .. and not to forget the power windows for the fresh air to circulate, the switches are located at your fingertips and can be conveniently accessed allowing both driver and co-driver operate the power windows with ease.

3. Smart and Efficient Performance
How can one forget the most important aspect of an automobile? The performance and fuel saving efficiency.

The 799cc engine provides a peppy response and an impressive fuel economy of 25.17 km/L. It’s built for staying out more and enjoying the road longer.
i-SAT (Intelligent Spark Automated Technology) Engine automatically adjusts spark timing in response to fuel quality and power requirement. This give you a knocking-free, smooth performance.
The compact design of the Datsun redi-GO provides the ultimate manoeuverability. Make a full turn-around with just a 4.7-metre turning radius. Handy for when you find yourself in a tight spot.

Datsun is also providing online booking of redi-GO via snapdeal

So what are you looking for? Your search for the best car ends with Datsun redi-GO. Go ahead and buy your gift. ;)

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Avocado addiction

I confess, I am addicted to the avocados. I eat at least one avocado a day by smashing it and sprinkling sugar or honey to add to taste. The avocados are as smooth as butter and commonly called Butter fruit in India. A butter fruit shake is sold at juice centre for INR 20 or 25 but avocados are a seasonal fruit in India.

Ever since I arrived to Sydney, my breakfast comprises a healthy diet, avocado, pear, plum or banana and corn flakes with milk and honey. After learning the properties of this fruit, I ensure I eat it daily. The supermarkets, Coles, Woolworths or Country Growers sell them at 2 for 4 or 5 AUD. 

Smashed avocado with honey and Strawberry milkshake
My Sunday breakfast comprising smashed avocado with honey and strawberry milk shake. That's a perfect diet, isn't it?

Hello from Sydney

Hello from Sydney. Yes, the vivid Sydney, the famous Opera House, Darling Harbour, just not limited to beautiful bays and beaches. 

Here's a photo is Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay.

I have always been comparing Sydney with Mumbai. Both cities have similarities that you wouldn't deny to disagree upon. Whilst I did compare Melbourne and Mysore(now called Mysuru) had so much common in terms of calmness and cleanliness, art and music. I was always excited to board Melbourne's City Circle tram.

It would be unfair not to mention, I still have the same excitement for the ferries here in Sydney, the way it was for the trams. 

Mowgli's Boomerang

Every child is fascinated to watch the cartoons and why not they bring so much creativity in them. Especially when you listen to the animals converse with each other, share happiness and sadness, emotions unlike, we, human beings. Amidst all the animals in the forest, so called Jungle, the word also adopted by English dictionary, there is a brave boy who has been brought by the animals and firmly believes they are his parents. After watching the Jungle Book, when I would go out for walks or see other animals on the street, I would think, why these animals aren't talking like us, just like the ones with Mowgli. Mowgli must be a special boy that the converse with him alone and we are just ordinary that they talk to each other in coded language and share secrets to themselves. 

The bonding shown between the naughty boy, Mowgli and his relationship the animals  is tremendous. Bhalu, the bear, was another character which I admired due to its honesty. Sher Khan, the tiger would always challenge the young boy but also teach him the survival methods. The older, the wiser you're to advise the young. I always loved and even love the title song "Jungle jungle paTa Chala hain, chadi pehenke phool khila hain.." As a child, I had the same addiction to Jungle Book, the way the kids these days are crazy to watch Chota Bheem! My Sunday mornings were spent right in front of the TV without even brushing the teeth and my mother would always scold. Even during the clash tests and exams, Jungle Book were a part of study time and I would obviously receive extra scoldings, "Are they going to ask what you watched on TV yesterday? Better focus and study." But watching Mowgli's adventures with his so called loyal wooden weapon, "Boomerang", that would return to him, no matter how far he was, was always astonishing. I would also wonder how Mowgli survived the varying climatic conditions of the forest without any clothes.

Best thing I loved was the boomerang and my father would say that the boomerangs were available only in Australia and it is Australia's souvenir. Fortunately, Australia is the first foreign land I stepped and always reminds of Mowgli's Boomerang. Every time I noticed a boomerang, the song would play on my mind, "jungle jungle pata chala hain.."

The boomerang fridge magnets

Boomerangs - souvenir of Australia

Watch this video which refreshes the old memories of 90's and brings back the child in you.

I’m blogging about #MyMowgliMemory at BlogAdda

Every man's memory is his private literature.

"Every man's memory is his private literature". ~Aldous Huxley

The good memories bring happiness and the best smile and bad memories bring us tears and agony! But all of us want to erase the so called unhappy ones and remember only those which make us cheerful.

During the vacations, all the three of us, mom, dad and me would travel together. If mom decided to stay home, dad and I would go around. I was always surprised by his stamina that he did not get tired inspite of walking long distances and how I wish I would be as strong as him. Though he is no more today, the best memories spent during good times, haunt, when a person is missing and their absence felt is immeasurable and indeed painful.

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