About this blog

I have been told

not by one but two of my lovers
that I've got a heart of gold
but I'm unable to share it with others
They call me a poet who'll never have a poem
a tiger with no taste for bone
I'm the wonderful, wonderful wizard of waltzing alone

- My favourite quote from The Guggenheim Grotto


About this blog

I started to blog from 2005 jotting down my experiences in life. I believe "Paper is patient than people" and this blog is about me and things I wish to do and passionate about; like travel, books, photography, people, philosophy. A few years ago, when hope faded, I only wished a silver lining would strike amidst the darkness and thus the title.

I am passionate about writing, photography, books, travel, music, sports and many more .. on my list.


When I was young, I used to write diary and keep it to my self. As I grew, I decided to maintain a blog which is easily accessible. I write short stories, scripts and my lifetime experiences!

I experiment with my camera and love capturing the moments. Photography happened accidentally and cannot imagine life without a camera

I read a lot of books and review them. If you want me to review your book, please feel free to contact me.

I travel a lot and wish to see many more places. 
Countries visited:
1. Australia 
2. Asia: India, Singapore

I am a trained in Carnatic music. I play a Veena, though I am still a student. While I was in Melbourne, I decided to learn Western Classical and bought a Piccolo, a flute. 

I cannot dance but love to see the beauty of it by clicking loads of pictures. 


I love learning new languages and can speak most of the South Indian languages with fluency. I can speak tits and bits of Spanish and French. 

My hometown and best place to live! 

On my blog, you would see myriads interests and that would surprise you at times. If one post is on travel, other will be on dance photography or a book review or even food or my personal experience.
I have classified the posts using the labels on the right hand side of the blog. 

I like cosmetics and thought of sharing my experience on my blog:

PR and Advertising

If you are from PR or advertiser and looking for reviews, launches and events, please use the contact form to send a message and I will get back to you.

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